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Pure Gases

Special Blends

In addition to pure gases, Encore also distributes gas blends for specific applications and can produce specialty mixtures which conform to customer specifications. Blends are developed and analyzed at the Encore Specialty Gas Laboratory — a full-spectrum gas analysis lab with the capability to produce standard Certificates of Compliance all the way up to individual product package analyses. The lab is equipped to certify purity levels at the part-per-million level, and component analysis can be conducted down to the percent range.

Our modern, automated fill system can blend up to five different component gases into either a general industrial mix or a certified specialty mix. Common applications for gas blends include:

  • Shielding Gases for Welding
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Foods
  • Gas Mixtures for Wine Making and Brewing
  • Chemical Production Processes
  • Customized Gas Mixtures and Calibration Gases for Analytical Labs

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