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Today is the Day to Switch to Encore

Are you dissatisfied with the responsiveness and customer service of your current distributor?

Have late, inaccurate, incomplete or missing deliveries had a negative impact on your business operations?

Are you tired of dedicating valuable staff time to deciphering and correcting confusing or inaccurate invoices and cylinder balance reports?

When you call with an issue or critical need, are you frustrated by the amount of time it takes to connect with a real person who has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you?

Switch to Encore Gas & Supply.

Independent, responsive and customer focused, Encore is a locally owned business with a knowledgeable, experienced and highly motivated staff.

When you switch to Encore, your business benefits from the combined expertise of the entire Encore team through a dedicated account manager who understands your challenges and is dedicated to helping you meet your goals and objectives.

And best of all… whenever you need anything, we're just a short phone call away.

Switch today and experience the Encore difference.
(562) 612-4757

Encore is the best! Great, fast, friendly service. They treat you like family from the first time you meet them.
— Jason G.
Best welding supply in Southern California.
— Braden S.
Easy to set up my account, and they delivered a liquid oxygen tank the next day! Had to switch from a competitor, and I am very pleased I did. Thank you Encore!
— Dominik R.
They remember my name and always make time for what I need.
— Jeremiah J.
I can't thank Encore enough for saving the day! We're a big shop, but our regular supplier failed to deliver our gas. Encore delivered within two hours of calling them!
— Dwayne D.
Excellent, dependable service. Best in class. Great group to do business with
— Lindsay L.
The best of the best. Always there when you need them.
— Rick W.