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One Size Does Not Fit All

Encore compressed gases and cryogenic liquids are available in many different supply modes, ranging from high- and low-pressure compressed gas cylinders, six-packs, sixteen-packs, cryogenic liquid dewars, disposables and bulk / microbulk.

All packaged gas and cryogenic products are available for delivery or will call from Encore's branch stores in Long Beach, CA and Ontario, CA.

In addition to our comprehensive offering of cylinder gases, bulk / microbulk, pure gases, specialty gases and gas blends, Encore is a full-service distributor which provides a range of gas services and a complete line of gas outfits and apparatus.

High Pressure Cylinders
300 Cubic Feet
200 Cubic Feet
26" to 62" Tall
150 Cubic Feet
125 Cubic Feet
80 Cubic Feet
55 Cubic Feet
20 Cubic Feet
18" to 52" Tall
Carbon Dioxide High Pressure Cylinders
CO2 50lb. Steel
CO2 30lb. Aluminum
50" to 57" Tall
CO2 20lb. Aluminum
CO2 20lb. Steel
CO2 10lb. Aluminum
CO2 10lb. Steel
CO2 5lb. Aluminum
CO2 5lb. Steel
18" to 27" Tall
LPG Low Pressure Cylinders
45" to 49" Tall
18" to 36" Tall
Acetylene Low Pressure Cylinders
440 Cubic Foot / #5
250 Cubic Foot / #4.5
145 Cubic Foot / #4
40" to 49" Tall
78 Cubic Foot / #3
35 Cubic Foot / B
16" to 32" Tall
Liquid Dewars
420 Liter 57" Tall
200 Liter VHP 68" Tall
1,800 Cubic Foot High Pressure 6-Pack 78" Tall
33" Wide
20" Deep
4,800 Cubic Foot High Pressure 16-Pack 79" Tall
40" Wide
40" Deep
Bulk & Microbulk

Contact your Encore account manager today to learn more about the best cylinder and vessel types and sizes for your applications.