Encore's ultra high purity gases, calibration gases and special custom blends meet your exacting specifications.

Our trained and certified technicians perform scheduled, digitally audited filling equipment calibrations, and they inspect, prepare and audit the history of each on-site specialty gas cylinder before it is filled. All specialty gases which are filled and certified at Encore’s Los Angeles area gas facility and laboratory are accompanied by Certificates of Analysis. And, because we fill and certify at our own facility, we can provide swift turnaround and timely pickup or delivery.

Encore provides specialty gases and related products to a wide range of industries including: aerospace, fabrication, field construction, manufacturing, environmental, science laboratories and others.Whether you need a single gas of ultra high purity or a multiple minor component mix, Encore has the technology, facilities, experience and procedures to provide the highest quality specialty gases available.

Bulk Industrial Gas Deliveries
Encore Specialty Gas Laboratory


Encore Gas Filling Operations

Located in Signal Hill, California – just south of the 405 freeway – the Encore Specialty and Industrial Gas Facility features a frame-style palletized fill system with:

  • Two automated oxygen fill heads
  • A four-gas mix head
  • A five-gas mix head
  • An automated liquid-fill station
  • A semi-automatic CO2 fill station

Each head can accommodate 18 cylinders.

The facility – which offers immediate availability of cryogenic liquids and compressed industrial and specialty gases – is managed and staffed by knowledgeable, skilled and experienced industry veterans who provide friendly drive-through service or scheduled deliveries.

Encore packages primary gases from the facility's bulk tanks into smaller vessels for delivery to the end user. These vessels contain either pure gases – such as Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium and Carbon Dioxide – or blends of multiple gases.

In the case of a liquid-to-liquid transfer, product is packaged into a smaller cryogenic vessel, which can range in size from a few liters up to 230 liters.

High-pressure gas cylinders are filled by compressing and vaporizing the cryogenic pure products. These cylinders can be as small as a single 20-cubic-foot cylinder or as large as multiple 300-cubic-foot cylinders manifolded into multipacks from 6 to 16 units.

Encore's automated liquid-fill station measures product transfer using molecular weight, ensuring every cryogenic liquid dewar is precisely filled to capacity and never overfilled. This is an advantage over the common industry practice of filling until product begins to escape through the safety vent, which may cause dramatic product loss over time.

Encore offers liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide in cryogenic vessels which are filled to their optimum capacity.

To package compressed gas cylinders, we circulate cryogenic liquid through a high-pressure cryogenic pump and then a vaporizer. The resulting gases are transported to Encore's fill system at one of three different fill-head locations:

  • One of two automated oxygen fill heads
  • The four-gas mix head
  • The five-gas mix head

The four- and five-gas mix-heads are used for industrial pure gases, bi-mixes, tri-mixes and so on. This system affords the flexibility to blend up to five different component gases into either a general industrial mix or a certified specialty mix using our on-site Specialty Gas Laboratory.

The Encore Specialty Gas Laboratory is a full-spectrum gas analysis lab with the capability to produce standard Certificates of Compliance all the way up to individual product package analyses. The lab is equipped to certify purity levels at the part-per-million level, and component analysis can be conducted down to the percent range. Because the laboratory is on-site at the Encore Specialty and Industrial Gas Facility, we can offer swift turnaround for many ultra-high purity gases, calibration gases and special gas blends.

With our Southern California-based fleet of specialized vehicles, Encore provides safe and timely dock-to-dock delivery of gases, as well as a full line of quality welding, industrial and safety products and consumables.

With our Advanced Cylinder Management system, we know at any given time where our customers’ rental cylinders are located. We scan cylinders on the truck to reflect updated status and prevent cylinder errors.

Integrated manifest documents help catch errors early. This means less time resolving discrepancies later and confidence that the only cylinders being billed are those actively in service in the field.

The Encore Specialty and Industrial Gas Facility represents a new level of automation, precision and customer service.

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