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The Global Leader in Robotic Arc Welding

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OTC DAIHEN is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of arc welding robots. OTC DAIHEN USA is a true single-source solution provider. They design, build and install the entire welding solution, train your team on how to program and operate it and provide the service and parts to keep you up and running. Be No. 1 with an OTC DAIHEN solution on your production floor.

OTC-DAIHEN Robotic Welding Cells

Increase productivity and quality while decreasing downtime and costs with an OTC DAIHEN robotic welding cell. A robotic welding cell automates the welding process within a confined and safe production welding cell. With an operator inputting weld parameters and other instructions into the robot controller and teach pendant, the welding robot and part positioner seamlessly work together to create consistent, high-quality and fast welds. OTC DAIHEN pre-engineered robotic welding cells are flexible, cost-effective and industry-leading in high quality. Robotic welding cells can be configured with multiple robots, heavy-duty part positioners, servo-controlled axes, safety light curtains or doors, and many additional options and features.

OTC DAIHEN Arc Welding Robots

OTC DAIHEN's new FD-VC4 Co-Bot is the first welding cobot on the market to be equivalent to an industrial robot. The FD-VC4 Co-Bot is compact, lightweight and safe. It offers high trajectory accuracy, optimal for arc welding, and delivers the same high-quality welds as an industrial robot. The FD-VC4 Co-Bot is available in CO2, MAG, TIG, and other high-frequency welding processes.

OTC DAIHEN Welding Power Sources

Are your welding power sources costing you productivity? Do you regularly have rejected welds due to poor quality, experience weld spatter and cleanup, or lack machine capabilities? OTC DAIHEN manufactures some of the most advanced and precise power sources on the market. Welbee power sources offer proven reliability at an affordable price, with the newest Welbee II series delivering the most advanced welding technology. Competitors cannot match the Welbee processing speed. Due to the proprietary LSI/ASIC Welbee weld processor, Welbee power sources react faster to the arc and adjust quicker per second to deliver optimal welds every time. OTC DAIHEN offers a variety of welding power sources to fit many industries and production needs. Contact Encore to learn more about the various models, available options, dimensions and specifications.

OTC DAIHEN Plasma Jet TIG Welder

Achieve the highest efficiency and quality in TIG welding with the all-new Plasma Jet TIG welder and its revolutionary inner nozzle system. The foundation of the Plasma Jet TIG welder by OTC DAIHEN is the torch, where an additional inner nozzle system creates a high-speed gas flow that concentrates the arc to achieve the highest efficiency and quality in TIG welding. The system includes the Plasma Jet TIG torch, an advanced gas control device and the Welbee TIG welding power source. Benefits of the Plasma Jet TIG Welder include: 2.7 times deeper penetration than other TIG welders for stronger, higher-quality welds; 2 times faster than other TIG welders, with less time to form a molten pool for quicker starts; and, no zinc vapors adhere to the electrode to stabilize the weld and extend the life of the consumables.

Ultra Low Spatter Welding Technology – Synchro Feed Evolution

Improve productivity and quality with the most advanced robotic wire feeder and heat input system in the industry. This low-spatter technology achieves an ultra-low-spatter weld with no grinding needed. Synchro Feed Evolution is an ultra low spatter welding technology for robotic MIG, MAG and CO2 welding. The technology developed by OTC DAIHEN, the world’s leader in arc welding technology, combines a revolutionary wire retraction system in the torch with a high-speed processor in the power source that together creates minimal spatter and a stable arc.

OTC DAIHEN Robot Accessories

Enhance your welding robot's capabilities and efficiency with cutting-edge accessories. From controllers to sensors to positioners, OTC DAIHEN robot accessories elevate performance.

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