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Abicor Binzel

Abicor Binzel offers an ever-expanding welding solution suite for every organization's unique needs:

Welding Guns
Lightweight, ergonomic, and customizable MIG welding guns that use Abicor Binzel's industry-leading consumable profile and will make your welders happier, more comfortable, and more productive. Heavy-duty options for air and water-cooled also available. Made to fit most every commercially available power supply.

Robotic Welding
A complete portfolio of MIG and TIG robotic welding torches in a variety of over the arm, through the arm, and solid or crash mounted packages. Built to order and made to specification, ABICOR BINZEL robotic torches are the leading standard in the market for medium and high automation levels.

Fume Extraction
Clear your shop of harmful welding fumes and metallic dust through Abicor Binzel's leading fume extraction solutions. Start small with an extractor arm, go for a full solution with source capture using a fume extraction torch and system, and even utilize robotic fume kits to clear weld fumes for your robotic welding processes.

Every Abicor Binzel MIG gun comes with their industry best welding consumables. But you can increase your contact tip life and your production value even more by moving up to their copper zirconium or silver-plated line of contact tips for unmatched durability, wire feed, and arc start quality.

Data Acquisition
Industry 4.0 is here to stay. Start getting more data into your manufacturing process through some of Abicor Binzel's unique data management solutions and iterating your operation to realize cost saving and production efficiency. Available for EWR 2, Master-Feed-System, TH6D, and our Scansonic Laser Welding optics.

Laser Welding
Made specially for the demands of OEM Automakers, the portfolio of Scansonic Laser Welding and Brazing optics are made to meet the needs of traditional and emerging automakers for both gas and electric-powered vehicle manufacturing to weld and join lightweight vehicle components and parts.

MIG Accessories
Spray and play your way into increasing consumable life and increasing ROI with the broad array of MIG welding accessories for both manual and robotic applications. Protect nozzles and tips with ceramic spray, keep water-cooled torches working reliably with welding coolers, or protect your weld cable with durable, lightweight closures.

TIG Torches
The universally used Silicone Rubber style torches are available from Abicor Binzel in a tidy, modular kit that allows for quick and easy setup to meet the demands of the job. Combine with their one-of-a-kind tungsten grinders and E3 Electrodes to get reliable electrode points with the highest quality and cleanest arc ignition possible.

Spool Welding
Through Abicor Binzel's cooperation with the team at Novarc Technologies, automate your pipe welding operation with the Spool Welding Robot and it's collaborative approach to high volume, data-minded pipe welding. Collect data in real time, monitor weld quality through a dynamic, high resolution camera, and monitor weld quality alongside the weld tool.

Contact your Encore account manager today to learn more about Abicor Binzel's complete welding solution suite.