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Bernard products are engineered for simplicity and built for durability.

Industrial semi-automatic welding operations benefit from welding products that are built to withstand the rigors of multi-shift use, high heat, and abusive environments. Long-lasting, easy to maintain Bernard® semi-automatic MIG guns combined with a common consumable platform™ means more uptime, fewer errors and less troubleshooting for welders.

Consider the impact of MIG guns on your business. As much as 85% of hand-held welding costs are labor related. What is the real cost of using outdated equipment with poor ergonomics and excessive consumable and replacement part inventories? The Encore team can help all of your welders configure the MIG gun that is perfectly suited to their preferences and welding applications while keeping related parts and consumables to a minimum.

The portfolio of Bernard products includes a variety of models of:

  • MIG Gun Consumables
  • Semi-Automatic Guns
  • Fume Extraction Guns
  • Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Guns
  • Manual Welding Accessories

Contact Encore today to learn more about the full line of Bernard products.