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The Industry's Most Respected Brands

Since 1905, the Harris name has been identified with innovative people, practices, and products as the industry leader in gas distribution solutions, consumables, and equipment used in a variety of industries. Whether you are a production brazing manufacturer seeking ways to improve output while lowering overall costs or an architectural firm needing gas distribution systems for a new project, Harris offers a full suite of products and services to maximize capabilities while minimizing cost. Let your Encore account manager show you how.

Harris' product offerings include:

  • Brazing Alloys
  • Cutting
  • Pressure Regulation
  • Specialty Gas Regulators and Flowmeters
  • Air Fuel Equipment
  • Solders
  • Aluminum Brazing Alloys
  • Phos Copper Brazing Alloys
  • High Silver Brazing Alloys
  • Fabricated Tubes

Your Encore account manager can reccomend Harris products best suited for your operations and applications.