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JAZ ZUBIAURRE S.A. has specialized in the manufacturing and selling of wire brushes for surface treatment since 1924.

Jaz products are used for the cleaning of rust, paint, weld, tube deburring, formwork panels, wire stripping and timber.

  • Pipeline Weld
  • Manual Hole Tapping
  • Cylindrical Insertion Brushes
  • Brushes to Avoid Dust, Dirt, Water, Etc.
  • Tube Deburring
  • Rubber-Metal Parts Cleaning
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Hole Cleaning
  • Rusty Parts Cleaning
  • Paint Cleaning
  • Formwork Panel Cleaning
  • Weld Cleaning
  • Wire Stripping and Varnish Removal of Copper Connectors
  • Antique Wood Finish

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